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Doug Schiller visits the Caruso Museum July 2008
— by Brian Caruso Brian Caruso
Doug's visit in 2008 was fantastic. I knew of Doug but it was the first time I actually met him. It was a learning experience for me because I had no idea how knowledgeable Doug was on the Quarter Midgets his father built as well as all Vintage Quarter midgets. He gave us an education on the beautifully restored Offyette Caruso Duece that we recently purchased from Joe Columbo from New Jersey. Listening to Doug and my Dad reminiscing about all the cars, drivers, different places and tracks they went to was great but one of the highlights was when Doug pulled out an 8 x 10 picture from Freeport Stadium in 1949 when Doug's Dad Carl introduced their first aluminum body Quarter Midget. The picture was of his Dad Carl , Doug (7 years old) and my Dad Mike Jr. (17 years old) working on the car. My father immediately recognized the moment and commented "Thats me, I remember that car, It was red and had an aluminum body". The amazing part to me was that was 60 years ago and here they were standing together again 60 years later. The second highlight for me was when Doug was there for a while and started talking about his search for the Wickey Offyettes he thought they may be at the Imperial Palace car museum on the strip because he heard they were in Las Vegas. He had no idea they were around the corner in another part of our museum. Well needless to say he was blown away and seeing his excitement is what makes putting all this racing memorabilia together worthwhile. Brian Caruso. Doug Schiller with the full size Caruso Duece & the Offyette Duece his Dad Carl built 50 years ago Doug Schiller poses with the Wickey Quarter midgets his Dad Carl built 50 years ago Doug Schiller poses in front of his Kurtis Buzz Bomb Quarter Midget where he displays at the Justice Brothers Racing Museum in California Dougs letter to Mike & Brian after his visit to the Caruso Museum