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— by Stan Pence Stan Pence
Mr. Caruso,

 A few hours ago, I read an article, in the March 2011 issue of Hemmings Motor News, about scale promotional cars of the 50's and 60's in which the "Offyette" was mentioned. This rekindled an interest in my desire to gather information, and a few parts, for the car that I've owned for about 36 years. The ensuing internet search led through some very interesting web sites and, eventually, to your site. I am very impressed with your site and amazed that you've had contact with Doug Schiller! This has been a very exciting night (morning) for me! I didn't know if I'd ever find information about my car, let alone seeing photos of the shop it was built in and of the owner's son! Just Great!

 My car is a black, Continental-powered, front-engine model that looks like the "number 9" car in the first of the photos of Mr. Schiller's shop. It appears to be an un-modified, original car with only three parts missing: the points cover, the throttle linkage and the chain cover at the jack shaft.
 I believe I am the 3rd owner. The fellow I bought it from thought it was a '57 or '58 that was originally purchased by a Fort Wayne, Indiana, service station owner, who raced it for a couple years, then sold it to three local teenage brothers. Early in their ownership, they stored it at my dad's Marathon station and ran it on his lot (and around the service islands) during lags in business. That's where I first laid eyes on it, in about 1962, sat in it, fell in love at age nine and swore I'd have it one day. My dream came true in the mid 70's during a chance meeting with one of the brothers during a local bowling league night.
 The car had sat, unused and uncared for, for several years before I obtained it. It was missing the few parts I mentioned above, but was remarkably intact. Unfortunately, I have done little to it, other than store it inside and remove the seat and cockpit material for storage in the house. The original racing slicks are still on the car, but have dry-rotted and the sidewalls have split. I am now semi-retired and ready to embark on a restoration. I would like to find some sources for parts and additional information on these remarkable cars, to make the restoration as accurate as possible.
Thanks, in advance, for any information you can provide, and for a great website. I hope to contact Mr. Schiller, also. However, should you make contact before I get the chance, please pass along my regards.

Thank you,

Stan Pence