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1/4 midget offyette
— by michael DOMBAL michael DOMBAL
 i just got off phone w/ doug schiller. he gave me your web sites
  i am a orignal owner  ( im 64 ) an have a 100%  orignal  offy   including the factory decals   of larc-douglas / black/ 3 color flames org. upl/ leather wraped  red steering wheel  with contintal red seal.030 over motor  kept in heated garage for past 51 years
 need room to store my ogignl corvettes an may sell to a guy in ohio in feb.
great stories . yes i still go every saturday nite 37 yrs to riverhead raceway an on a modified crew ( freeport from 65-78 then to islip an now to riverhead.  
 mike Dombal
huntington  ny
 cell 516318-8488

 be well    help 2 hrs on computer2 this hour
p.s. saw  bob hickey 4 yrs ago  @ a fire tornment  rember racing against his kids
 i even rember picking up my midget 51 yrs ago!