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Re: Doug Schiller visits the Caruso Museum July 2008
— by Penny Clarke Sciarpelletti Penny Clarke Sciarpelletti
I raced for Lil' wheels Racing Assoc. in 1957.  My late sister, Bonnie, and another girl, Kay Cupee, were probably the only girls racing 1/4 midgets at that time.  We raced at different tracks in Indiana.  My late father, Charles R. Clarke, reconditioned my car about 10 yrs. ago.  My sister and I were featured in The Indianapolis News, Thursday, July 10, 1958.  Also featured in that article were Dana Carter (son of Duane) and Johnny Parson's Jr., whom we, also raced against.  I still have many of my trophies, and my car did not look like the ones you was originally built as a two seater. The frame was brought in to fit the largest specs allowable.  Lil' Wheels home track was Art Zipps in Indianapolis.  We also raced at Kokomo's dirt track, Andersonville, and Lafayette, IN.  These races all occured after the stock car races, so we raced on regular stock car tracks.  I am sure my contact info is submitted with this post.  I would be happy to provide you with any futher info, if you are interested.
I forgot to add that my car was built in Pop and Jr. Dwyer's motorcycle shop on Washington St., Indianapolis.  My late sister, had a 1/4 midget built with the engine on the side (she had a Continental, I had a Briggs) with a huge tailfin.  Both our cars were fiberglass bodies.  I have pics of us sitting side by side in our cars.  She got rid of hers in the 60's, but I still have mine, totally restored, with extra chrome..Dad decided to add things that hadn't been on my car, previously.
I heard there was a quarter midget museum in Terre Haute, you know if that is true?  I live in TN.